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Open Mon - Fri 09:00-18:00


FaceBook Overlay setup:

Embedding an Overlay Tour is very easy – but you must follow the 4 steps below in order for it to work correctly.

Go to your facebook business page and create a new post.

1 – Paste Link

Copy the URL link from your email – and paste the link into your FaceBook post

2 – Write the accompanying text you want to say about your tour –

ie “take a look inside our business…”

3 – Upload a photo to be the cover shot of your post

This can be a general photo of your business – or a screen grab from the tour itself. (Mac Users can capture a screen grab with CMD-SHIFT-4 – a file will be saved to the desktop, PC Users can use the snipping tool to capture an image)

4 – Highlight over the link that you pasted in step 1 and delete it

That’s all –  Press SHARE NOW