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Open Mon - Fri 09:00-18:00

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Everything at Ambulare Agency is about saving businesses time and money. Why waste time negotiating energy prices your self! Our Brand Ambassadors are fully trained to negotiate you the best deals in the market and most of the time we can leave you with your current provider but just get you a better deal.  Talk to your local Ambulare representative for more details. We provide a completely free service saving you time and money.

Why choose us?

There seems to be a perception these days, that brokers and suppliers don’t make it convenient for SME’s to switch business energy in the first place. Suppliers may not as they want to keep your business, but here at Ambulare we are committed to finding you the best deal and acting with complete transparency.

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There’s no one-size-fits all approach to business electricity bills. While some companies will prefer a fixed-rate contract, others will opt for a variable-rate deal.

A fixed-rate tariff locks in the price and protects you against any sudden increases in prices. Meanwhile, a variable-rate contract will benefit you if commercial electric prices fall. At Ambulare, you can compare both fixed-rate and variable-rate tariffs, although we generally advise our customers to choose the former rather than the latter.


Our help desk team are their to help you through every step of the way, from stage one your quotation to the final stage when you are up and running.

We pride our help desk team with upmost professionalism and their product knowledge.


Stage One

This will take just a few seconds, we’ll need some basic information from you and we can actually conduct your search based on your postcode and current electricity supplier alone, although it must be stressed that the more details we get from you, the better.

Stage Two

Our state-of-the-art commercial electricity price comparison engine will now work its magic, generating a list of the best deals around. Within seconds you’ll have a clear idea of just how much money you can save by switching to a new electric supplier.

Stage Three

Once you’ve chosen a new business electricity tariff, Ambulare will take care of the switchover, dealing with your current supplier and your new provider. This takes all of the stress out of the process and enables you to carry on running your business. 

Feel free to talk to us

Our help desk team will be happy to give you a hand and answer any questions you may have.