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Open Mon - Fri 09:00-18:00

Improving merchant onboarding for Google My Business API partners

The Google My Business team is constantly looking for ways to make it easier for our 3rd party platform providers to take advantage of the benefits Google My Business has to offer. We’ve heard your feedback asking for the ability to search for existing claimed locations, as well as the ability for a partner to offer Google My Business verification of locations.

Today, we’re introducing two new endpoints, GoogleLocation and Verification, as part of our 4.2 API release. Using these endpoints and the existing Google My Business API functionality, partners will be able to provide their merchants an end-to-end onboarding experience on their native platform surfaces.

The new GoogleLocation endpoint allows partners to search whether their merchant user’s location already exists and is claimed on Google. And if so, provides the merchant with a link to request access to the existing claimed location. In addition, it also provides greater accuracy of location matching.

The new Verification endpoint allows partners to look up the available Google My Business verification options for a location, start verification (e.g., send out a postcard), and submit a verification PIN code – all via the API. This enables a seamless verification experience for merchants all within the native partner platform.

These are only two key features that have been released as part of our Google My Business API 4.2 release. To learn more about the Google My Business API and to apply for access, visit our developer page. Questions or feedback? Contact the API team on the Google My Business API Support Channels.