Marstons 360 Google Virtual Tour Project







Ambulare Agency specialise in creating high quality Google 360 Virtual Tours, these tours are the best way for you to showcase your venue online to customers old and new, ideal for new sites, existing site relaunch & refurbished venues and destination locations.

Ambulare is a Google Trusted Agency, this means that our imagery is of the highest quality due to the fact we use the best equipment and all of our photographers are Google Street View Trusted. See our 5-star reviews!

We publish your 360 Virtual tour on all Google platforms, Google business listing, Google Maps, Google Earth, Google Street View.

The Angel Inn – Stourport

The Last Inn – Barmouth

The Crown – Shrewsbury

Google accounts for a whopping 93% of online and mobile searches. (CMG)

81% of shoppers conduct online research before buying a product or visiting a place of interest. (

Businesses with Virtual Tours have experienced 48% higher booking rates* and a 20% increase in footfall**

(*Best Western Survey, **London Superstores)

Google Business Listings with a 360 Virtual Tour are twice as likely to generate interest*


Google weekly viewing figures:

How do new or old customers find you? 

Customers new to an area will use Google search or Google maps to find what they are looking for, by typing “Hotels near me” or “Pubs in Shrewsbury”, known as organic search – or they type “The Crown in Shrewsbury” which is a direct search.

A direct search you will always be number one, a major factor of an organic search will depend on how well your Google business listing is set up and maintained. 

Our Digital consultants will work with each venue to make sure that the Google business listing is optimised and set up correctly to maximise your position within organic search.

Within 3 months we have taken the Crown at Coleham onto page 1 of Google organic search.


Google Analytics

Although these products are amazing, knowing that you are getting an ROI is vital to any business. With this in mind we will provide each venue with a live link that updates weekly to keep you informed of how many views that tour has been receiving – and which images are the most popular. 

The Crown’s Google Analytics:

We will educate site management on how to use the Google My Business App – so they can see insights as to how their business listing is performing and improving, respond to reviews, upload new photos, create events and posts.

See here for further reading.

What is an Overlay?

An Overlay is simply your Google Virtual Tour adapted to become interactive, we overlay text/graphics/video/offers from your design department onto the tour, enabling potential customers to find out more about your venue, see special offers and events or even book function rooms and bedrooms direct from the tour.


  • We can use the data from Google analytics to identify the most popular images within your tour, this enables us to identify the best areas to place hotspots for video/offers etc.
  • An overlay can be pinned to the top of your Facebook page (Google tours can’t)
  • No need to pay booking fees when we link to Enviiro
  • Create a link for Instagram
  • People can scan the code and see straight inside your venue and interact.
  • The overlay can be branded and have a menu, customers can quickly navigate through larger venues and decide what they want to see-quickly
  • We can attach the overlay to your website
  • Have a QR code created for any company literature/business cards/gift cards etc.

Hold your smartphone camera over the QR code below for a demonstration.

The Angel Inn – Stourport

The Angel Inn – Xmas 

The Crown – Shrewsbury

Prices for tours and overlays

1 – Small (10-15 panos):
Example – Dog and Pheasant – Shrewsbury – 10 Panos required
Tour Price £295
Overlay Price £199

2 – Medium (16-25 panos):
Example – The Crown – Shrewsbury – 18 Panos required
Tour Price £395 (discounted by £95)
Overlay Price £299 (discounted by £135)

3 – Large (26-35 panos):
Example – Hop and Friar – Shrewsbury – 27 Panos required
Tour Price £495 (discounted by £120)
Overlay Price £399 (discounted by £185)

4 – Very Large (36-50 panos – bespoke quote required if greater than 50)
Example – Brierley Hop House – 50 Panos required
Tour price £795 (discounted by £175)
Overlay Price £499 (discounted by £235)

All pricing above is exclusive VAT.

The tour pricing is for the initial photoshoot and publishing to Google, Google Maps, Google Street view, Google Listing (search) & Google Earth – which is a one-off fee unless you wish to re-shoot at a later date.

The Overlay price is an annual fee – which includes updating special offers, promos, events (such as Mothers day, Fathers day, Valentines and Christmas etc)  and we shall provide Google Analytics showing more in depth data to where your viewers are coming from, which offers and promos and marketing channels they have come from to measure ROI – thus giving you greater maximisation of the overlay.

If you do not wish to update hotspots and menu links in an overlay after the initial 12 months, but keep the facility live for social media and analytics tracking only, a 25% discount will apply at annual renewal stage.