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Open Mon - Fri 09:00-18:00

Greg Hughes

Director of Photography Google Trusted Photographer


With an extensive background in IT, working for two of the world’s top companies, I realised my passion for digital creative marketing and spent many years running a large design agency in Warwickshire. I later ventured alone, forming a company specialising in designing websites, SEO marketing, database driven and eCommerce sites. My love of photography from a young age took me down the route of producing virtual tours for some of my clients, then I later discovered the Google Trusted program – where I completed their stringent criteria and became a Google Trusted Photographer and also a Google Local Guide. This led to providing Tours for clients to boost their SEO and thus gained my clients huge advantages over their competitors.

Forming the Agency with the other three directors, has enabled me to spend more time working on tours, new technology involving 3D and virtual reality, and to be able to provide a first class service to our clients. I manage the team of photographers – responsible for recruitment, on-going training, and ensure their work not only exceeds the clients demands, but satisfies Googles quality control criteria.


Google Trusted Photographer, Ambulare Agency
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Email : G.Hughes@Ambulare.Agency