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Open Mon - Fri 09:00-18:00

Adams Carpets and Furniture

Website Design
Adams Carpets and Furniture - E-Commerce - Ambulare Agency

Project Detail

Our website designers sat down for a free consultation with Adam and went over his vision for his store online.
We then compiled a brainstorm and got to work making sure we outlines his main features which were “Ease of use” and “Flexibility on the backend”. Giving Adams staff full control of customer management on the back end of the website and giving customers the satisfaction of the simple layout and navigation.

ClientAdams Carpets and Furniture
Project Date14 April 2017

Boosting Tool

Our websites has more than just the visual design on the front end, we strategies all layouts which we have found increases conversion rate by 48% giving the customers the call to action you have specified. We also brainstorm and get you involved in keyword searching, mapping the site to your target audience making sure that the correct users are visiting your site.


Adams Carpets and Furniture - E-Commerce - Ambulare Agency

Take a look at the site

Click the image to your left to visit the stunning site, take a look around at the products and enjoy.

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