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Project Detail

Located in The Green Wood Centre, Coalbrookdale, was built in 1998 as an energy-efficient and sustainably sourced education and office facility by The Green Wood Trust. A café was added a while later which we took over as a small family-run business in 2016 after years of searching for the perfect location.

The site is the home of The Small Woods Association, and we’re sure you’ll love this unique woodland location as much as we do.

ClientThe Green Wood Cafe,
Project Date14 July 2017

Boosting Tool

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This is just one of many benefits for your Google Business Listing to increase the position amongst competitors although will definitely have a positive impact and the longer you have had the Virtual Tour the more it’ll benefit over time.


The Team

We look forward to welcoming you to our coffee shop retreat.

– Jason (the Dad), Michelle (the Mum) & Jody-Lea (the Daughter)

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